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Immune Health Basics® with Wellmune® is a unique nutritional supplement that is clinically proven to activate the immune system, as evidence by research both demonstrating its mechanism of action in the body and measuring significant changes in immune response. In fact, the science supporting the efficacy of Wellmune is overwhelming.


Wellmune is a natural beta glucan derived from proprietary strain of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This unique ingredient triggers human immune defenses that have evolved over thousands of years.

The scientific understanding of Wellmune's mechanism of action in the body is well documented in published, peer-reviewed research. Mechanism of action studies as well as measurement of significant changes in immune responses are changing the way researchers and physicians think about innate immune function.


Once swallowed, immune cells in the gastrointestinal tract take up Wellmune and transport it to immune organs throughout the body. While in the immune organs, immune cells called macrophages digest Wellmune into smaller fragments and slowly release them over a number of days. The fragments bind to neutrophils, via complement receptor 3 (CR3), which are the most abundant immune cells in the body. In fact, neutrophils account for 60-70% of all immune cells.

With Wellmune, the neutrophils are now primed for activity. Unlike other immune health ingredients, Wellmune enhances immune function without over stimulating the immune system, which may be harmful.


Researchers discovered the mechanism through a series of experiments. One study involved tracking fluorescently dyed Wellmune WGP as immune cells transport it throughout the body (Figure 1). Within days Wellmune is carried to the spleen, bone marrow and other immune organs.



Immune Health Basics products contain Wellmune WGP®

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