1. How often should I take Immune Health Basics?

Immune Health Basics is appropriate for everyday use year round so you can stay well and be at your best every day. White blood cells are constantly being renewed, so taking Immune Health Basics daily helps ensure optimum immune function.


2. What is the right serving?

The recommended daily serving is approximately 1 milligram of Immune Health Basics per pound of body weight. For adults, a daily serving of 250mg is generally recommended.  People experiencing periods of high stress levels may consider doubling the daily dosage.


3. Is Immune Health Basics safe for children?

Yes. We also offer chewable products for children ages 2 and older.


4. How does Immune Health Basics compare with other immune supplements?

Unlike other immune health products, Immune Health Basics enhances immune function naturally without overstimulating the immune system, which may be harmful. And unlike other immune products, Immune Health Basics is safe for daily consumption, providing year-round, not merely seasonal protection. Independent studies have demonstrated that Immune Health Basics is significantly more effective than other immune health products.