Abigenol® (European silver fir bark extract)


Tree of Life

As far back as the 1500s, explorers chronicled their survival using the indigenous tea made from the extracts of what natives called "Annedda" or the “Tree of Life” which provided their miraculous cure from scurvy. The search for the “Tree of Life” has been narrowed down to include the conifer family, and among its most nutrient-filled members is Abies alba, commonly known as the European silver fir.

European silver fir

jacques-cartier-learns-the-lesson.jpgAncient generations have discovered the bountiful benefits of the European silver fir (Abies alba). The well-loved European silver fir is the first recognized Christmas tree, which brought nature’s lush greens into homes during the dark winters. This silver fir was even said to be the inspiration of Hans Christian Anderson's famous fairy tale, The Little Fir Tree.

The European silver fir has long been favored for nutrition and therapeutic remedies. With its edible inner bark, it has been dried and powdered to mix with cereals, oats, soups and bread. Moreover, the European silver fir has been tapped for its therapeutic benefits on inflammations of joints and muscles as well as alleviating coughs and colds.

Today, modern science has learned what made this silver fir a resource for therapeutic and nutritional needs throughout generations. Studies show that the powerful antioxidant properties of the European silver fir bark extract in Rev•Up Wellness comes from a rich source of natural polyphenols containing potent natural antioxidants comprising of bioflavonoids, phenolic acids and lignans. Through an eco-friendly and high standard aqueous extraction process, the patented Abies alba bark extract Abigenol®, unlocks the all-natural, power-packed nutrients of this conifer without alteration of it’s natural properties providing one of the most powerful natural antioxidant sources in the market today.

Abigenol®, a powerful antioxidative agent

antioxidative-activity-graph-sept2018.pngRev•Up Wellness products exclusively contain the patented European silver fir (Abies alba) bark extract which is known in Europe as Abigenol®. This bark extract is rich in natural polyphenols or plant nutrients that are powerful antioxidants or free radical scavengers helping the body against oxidative stress and promoting healthy immune and circulatory systems. 

Some of the most effective antioxidants are produced by trees. It has been shown that the European silver fir (Abies alba mill.), which grows deep in pristine and unpolluted forests in Central Europe, contains one of the highest concentrations of these polyphenols in its bark. More than 400 extensive scientific research and clinical studies of natural polyphenols from conifers have been published over the last 40 years. These have shown that natural polyphenols are safe, powerful, and effective, offering various beneficial effects on human health.

abigenol-na-krozniku.jpgThe Abigenol® extract is obtained from this very bark and is one of the richest source of natural polyphenols that acts where other substances don't. Our body can't absorb and utilize polyphenols with high molecular weights. One of Abigenol®'s features is that it contains almost exclusively polyphenols with low molecular weights, which are easily absorbed by the body.

So Abigenol® acts not only in cells, but also in intercellular spaces, where the vast majority of other antioxidants fail. In many of them, the molecules are so big that they act only locally, in the digestive tract.


Safety - GRAS Status Recognition by the US FDA

The European silver fir (Abies alba) has been a part of everyday food for many generations. In the US, Abies alba is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status and approved by the US FDA for food use. The European Commission categorized Abies alba as Food Supplement (FS) status and included in the BELFRIT list of approved botanicals for use in food supplements. It is classified as a Natural Health Product (NHP) by Health Canada.