Lifestyle Stress 90-Day



Wellmune Reduced Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms during 90-Day Lifestyle Stress Study

In a study of 122 healthy volunteers (32 men, 90 women 38 + 12y), participants taking 250 mg of Wellmune daily for 12 weeks reported a statistically significant (p<0.05) 58% reduction in upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, compared with individuals taking a placebo. This data was presented at Experimental Biology 2010.

Using a Profile of Mood States (POMS) psychological survey to assess changes in mental and physical energy levels and overall well- being, the study demonstrated statistically significant benefits for the Wellmune group. These participants rated their overall well- being and vigor 9.5% and 11% higher, respectively, compared with the placebo group. Data for both measures had p values of

The study results were consistent with data from other clinical studies demonstrating that Wellmune can naturally enhance immune responses during periods of both high physical and psychological stress.



“Baker’s Yeast Beta-Glucan Supplement Reduces Upper Respiratory Symptoms and Improves Mood State in Stressed Women.” Journal of the American College of Nutrition, August 2012, vol 31, no. 4, 295-300.