Rev•Up Wellness ENDURANCE

Power Up Your Body Against Daily Stress With Powerful Natural Antioxidants That Help Boost Energy, Mental Clarity And Positive Mood


Mental and physical fatigue releases large amounts of harmful free radicals in our body. Under normal circumstances, the body eliminates free radicals on its’ own. However, under persistent stress, free radicals may become too much for the body to handle, making us more susceptible to illness and increases the chances of chronic diseases.

Take Rev•Up Wellness ENDURANCE daily to help combat stress and burnout, with its efficient blend of natural powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals.*

Rev•Up Wellness ENDURANCE contains Abigenol® (Abies alba bark extract), rich in natural polyphenols or plant nutrients which are powerful antioxidants or free radical scavengers that help the body against oxidative stress, promoting healthy immune and circulatory systems. It supports heart and brain health as well as enhances positive mood.*

Rev•Up Wellness ENDURANCE also uses Acerola cherries, potent in antioxidants and one of the richest natural source of vitamin C. The combination of natural antioxidants and the carefully selected vitamins and minerals contained in Rev•Up Wellness ENDURANCE, work together to combat daily stress & fatigue as well as supports healthy inflammatory response.*


Study shows that Abigenol® is a rich source of at least 13 natural antioxidants and is recognized as a powerful antioxidative agent, placing it side by side with other widely researched conifer extracts. (Reference from the Industrial Crops and Products, 2014)

In a study among healthcare professionals exposed to stressful environments, Rev•Up Wellness™ ENDURANCE helped improved overall well-being by 62.7% compared to placebo.*