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When you’re healthy, it’s easier to live life to the fullest.

That’s why we made it our mission to help our families, communities and then reach out to more people like you to try to make every moment count with our safe, natural, and effective dietary supplements so we can all live the life we want to lead and have more time for what truly matters.


Immune Health Basics - About Our Company

Getting back to the Basics of Immune Health: Natural, Safe and Effective ingredients. Immune Health Basics® is the culmination of the Wellmune® high quality research on innovative and evidence-based immune health ingredients.  Our mission is to help improve people’s well-being with our Immune Health Basics® Supplements so we can all lead healthier and happier lives.

Immune Health Basics, a brand trusted by families for decades as their "go-to" immune health supplement,  was made for consumers by the makers of the award winning Wellmune® ingredient. Immune Health Basics continues to be recognized by the nutrition industry as a leader in immune health products like being voted as Best Immunity Product by Delicious Living among others.

A recent addition to the Immune Health Basics family, are the innovative Rev•Up Wellness products, with an award winning heritage from Europe. Exclusive to Rev•Up Wellness is Abigenol®, powerful natural antioxidants and polyphenols from the European silver fir (Abies alba) bark extract. Rev•Up Wellness Endurance, branded as Enduranza in Europe, was voted by European consumers as the top choice for combating fatigue (research by ICERTIAS of Switzerland). Shortly after its introduction in the United States, Rev•Up Wellness was selected by the largest natural ingredient expo, SupplySide® West, as among the top 5 finalists in the multivitamins category based on innovation and cutting edge factors. 

We continue our commitment to offering innovative products from naturally sourced and scientifically researched ingredients, to provide the best dietary supplements to help improve people's well-being and help them lead healthier lives. Be sure to shop for our Immune Health Basics® Supplements today!