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Wellmune Reduced Duration of Cold/Flu Symptoms in Study of 100 Medical Students

Wellmune significantly reduced the duration of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms in a healthy population of 100 medical students during a 90-day study at the peak of the cold-flu season.

One hundred fourth-year medical students at Southampton University Medical School participated in the randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled study. The students consumed 250 mgs of Wellmune once daily or an identical placebo capsule.

Participants completed a daily health diary recording presence or absence of listed URTI symptoms. Two or more reported URTI symptoms for two consecutive days triggered medical assessment and cytokine analysis within 24 hours. A total of 97 participants completed the trial protocol (Wellmune n=48, Placebo n=49).

Study Results

  • There was a significant reduction (18%) in the total number of days with self-reported URTI symptoms in Wellmune group compared to placebo (198 days versus 241 days, p=0.039).

  • In total, 24 episodes of URTI were medically confirmed, 12 episodes in each group.

  • Wellmune did not induce inflammatory cytokines. No cytokine change was seen during symptomatic URTI between study groups.

t-5.jpg“Influence of yeast-derived 1,3/1,6 glucopolysaccharide on circulating cytokines and chemokines with respect to upper respiratory tract infections.” Nutrition 28:665-669.