15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Acerola

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Acerola

Posted by Nilankeeta Roy Chowdhury on Jul 9th 2020

Acerola, scientifically known as Malpighia Glabra/Emarginata, is a bright red juicy berry with lots of seeds, good taste and numerous health as well as medicinal benefits. It is used worldwide as an effective remedy for common cold, hay fever, depression, gum infection, tooth decay, and several other health issues. But thorough researches have revealed that it can be consumed to get rid of a number of chronic and deadly diseases too.

Health Benefits Of Acerola

Acerola comes packed with nutrients, which helps to keep the body fit and disease-free. Here are the top 15 acerola health benefits:

1. Vitamin C Supplement

Acerola is widely known for its high level of Vitamin C content. It contains the second highest amount of Vitamin C right after the neuro-protective berry ‘camu camu’. Consumption of only a couple of these berries can fulfill our recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Moreover, about 180 ml of acerola juice contains as much as vitamin C present in 14 liters of orange juice.

2. Prevents Scurvy

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, acerola can put a stop to scurvy, which is caused due to the deficiency of this vitamin.

3. Vitamin A Supplement

The Vitamin A content of a small acerola berry is equal to that of a full-sized carrot! We can easily fulfill our daily needs of this vitamin by eating 1 or 2 acerola a day. So, it can be used as a natural Vitamin A supplement too.

4. Boosts Visionary Health

Because of its high level of Vitamin A content, it helps in making our vision better. It also helps avert retinal hemorrhages (bleeding in the eye) as well as cataract formation.

5. Provides Essential Nutrients

Apart from Vitamins C and A, acerola is also loaded with several other nutrients that are essential for maintaining the normal functionality of our system. These include B-Vitamins (B1 or thiamine, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin, B5 of pantothenic acid, B9 or folic acid, etc.) minerals and electrolytes (iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, etc.), malic acid, sugars (sucrose, fructose, dextrose, etc.), dietary fiber, protein, lipids, fatty acids, and so on.

6. Rich In Antioxidants

Acerola is packed with polyphenolic anthocyanidin compounds, such as ferulic acid, quercetin, tannins, chlorogenic acid, cyanidin-3-glycoside, and many more, which offer excellent antioxidant properties. Moreover, the Vitamins A and C in the acerola juice concentrate work as natural antioxidants. All these help in preventing infections and cellular aging by making the blood free from harmful free radicals.

7. Enhances Immunity

The antioxidants, especially the phyto-chemical compounds as well as Vitamin C, present in the berry play a key role in making our immune system stronger. It eventually helps us stay away from inflammation, degenerative diseases, cancers, etc.

8. Increases Collagen Production

Studies have found that the Vitamin C content of acerola can produce sufficient collagen in our body, which is necessary for combating aging and enhancing the performances of sports persons.

9. Improves Metabolism

As said earlier, acerola comprises a good amount of B-complex vitamins, which assist our metabolism and makes the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats much easier.

10. Less Gastrointestinal Issues

The high dietary fiber content of the berry can keep our entire gastrointestinal system healthy by facilitating bowel movements and cleansing the intestines. Therefore, it treats digestive issues, such as constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, etc.

11. Offers Better Cardiac Health

Acerola is capable of keeping our cardiovascular system strong by regulating the blood pressure level and normalizing the heart rhythm. The extract of the berry is also known to put off coronary artery diseases, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, etc.

12. Reduces Blood Sugar Level

It is already said that the acerola berries contain lots of antioxidants including chlorogenic acid. When taken in the form of acerola juice benefits in controlling glucose level in our bloodstream, thus reduces the risks of hyperglycemia, diabetes mellitus and type-2 diabetes.

13. Fights Against Oxidative Stress

Acerola extract is very helpful in fighting against ‘Oxidative Stress’, which prevents premature aging. It is beneficial for keeping a number of fatal diseases at bay.

14. Prevents Lung Cancer

The acerola fruit has shown its efficiency in treating lung cancer by decelerating and stopping the abnormal growth of cancerous cells in the organ.

15. Promotes Weight Loss

Being extremely low in fat and calories, acerola helps lose excess body weight. Moreover, it boosts metabolism and provides required nutrition to our cells, which are needed to control obesity and achieve optimum health. So, include acerola in your regular diet today and give yourself a significant health boost!