Immune Health Basics 500 mg / 60 capsules


Immune Health Basics® extra strength for adults with challenged immune health. Strong immune support with Wellmune, a natural ingredient that is clinically proven to strengthen the immune system by activating the largest population of immune cells (macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells), which are the body’s first line of defense when you need it most.

Immune Health Basics with Wellmune is proven safe and effective to take daily for people of all ages, especially important for older adults to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.  As people age, their immune system slows and weakens.  Clinical studies with older adults showed a strong statistical trend that Immune Health Basics' Wellmune decreases the number of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptom days.  

Immune Health Basics products with Wellmune are 

  • Natural, safe and can be taken daily.
  • Informed-Sport certified.
  • A patented and award-winning global brand.
  • Non-allergenic, Non-GMO, Lactose-free, Gluten-free and Vegetarian.



Take one capsule per day or as otherwise recommended by a healthcare professional.

Safe to take daily (with or without food) to ensure new immune cells that are produced by the body every 2 - 3 days are primed and ready to fight off threats. 


Keep out of reach of children.

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47 Reviews

Roy J Smith Jun 3rd 2020

Immune - 500 mg

A dear friend (Mary) took 1000 mg of Immune Health Basics (Wellmune) daily and survived 14 years with pancreatic cancer ... such survival is incredibly unusual. My Prostate cancer, initially diagnosed and treated in 2002, became more active some 10 years ago, and I started taking 500 mg daily. I'm 87, take no prescription drugs, have no joints that bother me, I walk 3000 to 4000 steps daily, and I can't recall having a cold ... Bottom line, I wouldn't be without Immune Health Basics!

cblair Jun 8th 2019

Five Stars


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